The top football transfers during 2019

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Every fan is nervously waiting for each new season to come. Player transfers are one of the things that interest the fans. Rumors fly around about them all year long, but until the transfer is announced, we can't be sure of anything. In this article, I will list the top football transfers during 2019.

The transfer windows are different for every league. Here are the periods:

European transfers timetable

Not all leagues open and close at the same time. Some open earlier than others. Each team can sign players if the league has ended, but they can't disclose them until the official transfer market opens in each country. The top leagues' time tables are:

  • Bundesliga – from July 1 until September 2
  • Premier League – from May 16 until August 8
  • La Liga – from July 1 until September 2
  • Serie A – from June 11 until September 2
  • League 1 – from June 11 until September 2
  • Primeira Liga – from July 1 until September 22
  • Super Lig – from June 8 until August 30
  • Eredivisie – from June 11 until September 2

American transfers timetable

Most European leagues are known for searching for talent internationally. The most popular of these leagues and their timetables are:

  • Major League Soccer – from July 9 until August 7
  • Liga MX – from June 14 until September 5
  • Superliga Argentina – from July 3 until September 24
  • Brasileirao – from July 1 until July 31

Notable transfers

Hundreds of transfers took place in 2019, so in this article, I will only list the few most notable ones.

  • We will start with the highest transfer fee during 2019, Real Madrid acquired Eden Hazard, and they paid over €120,000,000. The young Belgium star plays as a Left Winger. People compare him to players like Neymar and Sadio Mané.
  • FC Barcelona gained a few new transfers this year. The club paid almost two-hundred million euros for Antoine Griezmann who plays center-forward position and Frankie De Jong, on the central midfield position.
  • Bundesliga's Bayern Munich also gained some new players. The most notable names of which are Philippe Coutinho and Lucas Hernández, though Coutinho is only on loan for one season.
  • João Félix, the nineteen-year-old Portuguese star was transferred to Atlético Madrid for the notable fee of €126 million. The second striker signed a seven-year contract so that we will be seeing a lot of him in Atletico matches.
  • Another famous name on our list – Nicolas Pépé. He signed a five-year contract with Arsenal. The right-winger is often compared to players like Manchester City's Bernardo Silva and Bayern Munich’s Serge Gnabry.
  • Luca Jovic, the Serbian center-forward is another addition in the collection of Real Madrid. He was the youngest player with five goals in one match in the Bundesliga.
  • The youngest captain in the history of Ajax Amsterdam and a player with many awards, Matthijs de Ligt, is Juventus's newest addition. The team paid more than €85 million for the young center-back.


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